Cloud Backup Explained

Jul 15, 2021

Here we answer the most common questions about backing up your files.


Firstly, Why backup?

If your computer’s hard drive is in some way damaged, recovering the data from it is usually a costly and stressful endeavour that can have limited success. Additionally, Hackers are getting smarter in the way they extort money from you and one of the methods that is growing in popularity is ransomware. If your computer is infected, it could encrypt all of your files, making them inaccessible before demanding a large payment to decrypt them again.

Having a backup copy of your files can help you avoid the cost and uncertainty as you simply restore your data.

What is a Cloud Backup?

Simply put, a cloud backup is an online copy of your files which you can access or restore from in the case that your local files are in some way damaged or lost.


Then why the cloud?

 External hard drives have been available for many years so you may ask why pay for a cloud backup subscription when you could make the backups yourself?

Well in addition to having expandable or even unlimited storage, cloud backup services tend to come with many useful features. Firstly, an automatic backup schedule will mean your backup will be as recent and as relevant as possible with no effort on the user’s part. Another benefit is having file version histories. This allows you to restore a file from various versions and dates in the case you make changes to them that you want to revert or if a file has corrupted, lastly IT professionals always recommend keeping a copy of your back up ‘off-premises’. This protects against those unforeseen events such as leaking pipes, fires and break-ins.

How important are the files on your computer? How would you cope with losing your family photos or financial files?  A cloud backup offers security and control.  If you want your data protecting, we offer solutions starting from £36.50. Please call us and we can help you find the best solution for you.