How it works

Some faults can’t be fixed remotely or in our workshop such as no internet, email faults and networking issues.

We come out to you at a convenient pre-arranged time and fix the problem.

This is the ideal solution if you need the problem resolved urgently or just don’t fancy unplugging your computer.

If the issue turns out to be more serious and your computer does require a visit to our workshop, we only charge you our basic call out charge and return it to you, plug it in and demonstrate the fixed computer.

Our Call Out rate is £84 per hour




Onsite Repair


New PC’s


Excellent, thorough, quick service . Andre was here within a day! He figured out the problem and had it solved in no time. This was after a week of trips back and forth to Currys who could not solve it so, next time i have a problem it is Computer Doctors immediately! Fantastic support.

Josie Smallwood