One Off Remote Repairs

Get instant help with your PC problem.

The fastest fix for glitches and software issues, initiated via a phone call. We will direct you or email you a link to install some software that will give us the ability to take over your PC from our workshop. this is fast becoming our most used service due to the cost and speed at which the repairs are carried out. 20 minutes only costs £39.95 very often this is the initial point at which we can diagnose more serious problems, and if this is the case the remote charge is wavered.

If an engineer is available we may be able to help immediately, otherwise book a remote repair at a convenient time and we will call you back

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Onsite Repair


New PC’s


Highly and strongly recommend – Computer Doctors were life savers, when my computer decided to let me down. fast, friendly and professional service. all for a very reasonable price. don’t bother going anywhere else

Martin Cushen